A letter to Authority


Above is a link to a letter I wrote. It’s a letter to authority as a personified entity, and it’s from autistic people as part of a neurodiverse collective.

[Further elaboration]

The premise of this writing is that the personified authoritarian entity mentioned is present in all facets of society. This can be observed by first identifying how obedience of this entity is formed in a chronological manner, prior to defining it. This chronological “road map” is as follows:

1) Children who are identified by the establishment as autistic, and otherwise neurodivergent are trained to obey this authoritarian entity via masking.

2) Obedience of this authoritarian entity is first established in early childhood. The autistic child learns to mask in “therapy sessions” such as, or even resembling, Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

3) The masking ability is then reinforced in adulthood by threat of social and furthermore, financial ostracization.

4) If any individual autistic person cannot mask, then they are punished via seclusion in school or job termination, for example.

This chronology highlights a dilemma: Due to established expectations on this road map, there is currently a so-called acceptable level of masking required before an autistic person is considered “unable to function independently”, or a similar label.

As an ultimate result, the burden of autistic existence is held against autistic people ourselves because our social skills are based on observing and reciprocating expectations, both consciously and subconsciously.

To conclude, with this road map, we may be able to identity, define, and then address the abuse of authority over the autonomy of autistic people and furthermore, of all people.

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